Administration's Message

From the President's Desk

We envision a revitalized Castle Village as a major part of the tourism industry of Midland and the whole province of Ontario. Being in existence for more than 43 years, the Castle Village has already made its mark as a favoured spot for local families and Midland visitors alike. Due to changing times, we aim to develop the castle as a trailblazer in entertainment, fun, and fantasy that will cater to our regular guests and bring in more tourists in search for worthwhile family and wholesome entertainment and activities.

As one of the forerunners in revitalizing this landmark, we encourage and foster team spirit in our management, encouraging to use their potential skill and talents to deliver what Castle Village stands for. Acquiring this signifiant landmark is a labour of love and passion, adhering to the what the original owners stood up for when they built it from the ground up. Castle Village is about Love and Family and building relationships that would contribute to camaraderie and sense of cooperation and cross-promotions for Midland business, residents and visitors.

With tisi vision we will bring the new Castle Village and Enchanted Kingdom into more inviting attractions and to contribute the town of Midland in promoting the tourims industry.

Rodelio Aguirre

The Castle of King Paul Inc.